Custom Design

To enquire about CUSTOMISING or EDITING the design of an EXISTING dress from our STRIDE STUDIO COLLECTION or if you would like a new design, please contact our team at

Include any custom ideas in writing or with photographic inspiration images that demonstrate the new design elements you heed. You may annotate a screett shot of our existing desig at no extra cost or we may quote you extra for train extensions and or extra hand beading.

We do NOT customise gowns from the standard sized collections in BOTANISTA or VINTAGE GALA. Sorry guys.


Total dress re-design sketching is now charged at $75 AUD per concept. Sometimes people prefer to send annotated photos, for accuracy, for which there is no charge. The process of dress re-design is much different from altering a current style, due to the lengthy hours involved and extra CAD and plate cutting work. If you proceed with a gown design manually sketched out for you, this cost is transfrerd as credit against the total amount of your purchase.

The price of these new designs vary depending on fabric requirements and man hours for beading, but can range upwards of $1800. They are re-created with a 90-98% visual accuracy, but any fabric will be limited to what we ar able to source from our suppliers.

Please allow three days for a reply,as you can understand each enquiry takes some time.

We cannot wait to assist you in this exciting process and we thank you for your patience.