All gowns and veils will be packaged as carefully as possible, incase of creasing however, please hang your  garment for a number of days or simply request the services of a PROFESSIONAL dry cleaner to gently remove any creasing.
In some cases gowns may initially shed glitter or beading from transit. In most cases this is minor and not noticeable but we will provide beads for re-attachment, should you need them
When cleaning gowns, always request the help of a professional dry cleaner. If you need help selecting one in your area we will be happy to assist.

DO NOT WASH YOUR GOWN IN WATER WITH DETERGENTS, unless advised by a dry cleaner. Spot cleaning may be done with minimal water and please avoid soaking fabrics or using harsh detergents.

Jewellery & Cubic Zirconia
All non-precious jewellery can tarnish with incorrect cleaning and use. Please only polish with a dry, soft cloth and do not use harsh cleaners or soaps, as you would for pure metals, and also refrain from over exposing hair jewellery items with excessive hair spray, as this can tarnish metals and also dull the clarity of the semi precious stones used.
With Cubic Zirconia items, please refrain from exposine to skin moisturisers, as in some cases the stones may absorb the oils,
creating a less brilliant appearance over time.